Employee Voices

NVFS tirelessly serves not only Northern Virginia families and individuals in need, but also the very people who support those families and individuals: NVFS employees. An emphasis on the FISH! Philosophy, which encourages employees to creatively brighten each other’s days, as well as a diversity of cultures, makes NVFS a welcoming agency for everyone, every day.

NVFS is passionate about making a difference in the community, and that’s a part of the agency fabric exactly because of our employees. Being excited to come to work translates to great things for staff – and the families that they help every day, too!

Youth Development
Alvaro |

Alvaro explains his work in youth programs, how he’s grown within the agency, and what makes NVFS unique.

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Early Childhood Development
Rashanda |

Rashanda began her career at NVFS as a youth outreach coordinator and has transitioned to new roles within early childhood development, most recently as health and nutrition coordinator for NVFS’ Head Start and Early Head Start programs.

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