Volunteer Spotlight: Ensuring Neighbors Have Access to Health and Well-Being

Anita Eggleton of VCE at Hilda Barg shelter
Anita Eggleton provides healthy cooking demonstrations for shelter guests.

NVFS strives to ensure our clients are educated on health and focused on wellness to promote long-term well-being. Thanks to community partner Anita Eggleton from Virginia Cooperative Extension, guests at the Hilda Barg Homeless Prevention Center have consistent access to quality information on health and nutrition.

Guests are treated to cooking demonstrations, as well as education on how to purchase groceries for healthy, well-rounded meals on a minimal budget, and the importance of reading and understanding food labels.

“Some guests never knew how to read a food label or the correct amount of food portions to eat. Parents had no idea how much sugar was in the items they were feeding their children or that fruit juice had so much sugar,” shares Eggleton. “Leading these workshops makes me feel like I’m helping people think about making healthier choices. It’s important for me because I hope to see these behavior changes within the people in my community.”

Anita Eggleton isn’t the only one enjoying these health classes and workshops. Guests at Hilda Barg enjoy them, too.

“I really enjoyed this cooking and nutrition class with Anita. I enjoyed her as well, the advice and the knowledge on how to better approach healthy living. Such a joy to myself and my baby. We’d take her class again and again!”

On partnering with NVFS, Eggleton states, “I believe NVFS is doing great things in my community, and I want to help with these families anyway I can.”

For more information on how to get involved with NVFS, please see our list of volunteer opportunities.