Relationship Enhancement Workshop Planned for July

(Oakton, Va., March 16, 2005)  Northern Virginia residents interested in improving their significant relationships are invited to attend an upcoming series in Oakton, Va., that focuses on couples.

Sponsored by Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS), the Relationship Enhancement Workshop called PREP® is now registering participants for its three-part series that begins in July.

“Skills for healthy relationships can be learned and practiced, so couples can experience more satisfaction and avoid stress and conflict,” said Beth Spring, LMFT, an NVFS Clinical Counseling PREP® facilitator. “Based on the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP®), this educational model teaches couples how to communicate effectively,” Spring said. “It teaches couples to work as a team to solve problems and manage conflicts without damaging closeness. It also helps to preserve and enhance love, commitment and friendship.”

Current research indicates that couples who are able to adjust their communication styles and achieve a more positive outcome to arguments are more satisfied in their relationships and better able to prevent future marital problems and divorce, she added.

Class participants will learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively about relationship needs
  • Resolve conflicts without hurting each other or the relationship
  • Problem-solve as a team
  • Keep fun, friendship and intimacy a part of the relationship
  • Develop an agreed-upon set of ground rules for handling future conflicts

The class is recommended for couples who want to build skills before getting married. It also is good for those who want to improve their relationship once they are married or together. It is not appropriate for couples experiencing domestic violence or high levels of distress. Partners are encouraged to attend classes together to practice new skills.