Engaging Children at Hilda Barg with Fun, Summertime Activities

Liz Fenning is a volunteer at NVFS’ Hilda Barg Homeless Prevention Center, dedicating her efforts to the children’s activities department and pioneering several summer camp activities for the children at the shelter.

Ever since Liz was a young child, she has always wanted to help those who are experiencing hardship. A single mom to a medically fragile child at the age of 18, she knew first-hand the importance of family support in ensuring her and her child’s success.

“I know what it feels like to not know what the next day will bring,” Liz shares.

Two years ago, Liz went to NVFS’ website and filled out a volunteer form, and the rest is history. She had an interest in volunteering at her local homeless shelter and when asked if she would like to volunteer with children at the Hilda Barg shelter, she just couldn’t say no.

Liz graciously dedicates four hours of her time per week to hosting children’s activities at Hilda Barg’s summer camp. You can find her playing basketball with the kids outside or channeling her creativity by assisting in the creation of sidewalk chalk murals, and homemade slime and moon sand for the shelter’s future scientists to explore.

“I always leave the shelter feeling like I have accomplished what I set out to do, and that is to make sure that children get to create a project that they can enjoy or participate in, and finding activities that are fun and bring them joy,” Liz adds.

Everette Thorby, NVFS Community and Volunteer Engagement Specialist at Hilda Barg, says that Liz is “a staple in the children’s activities at Hilda Barg shelter. She uses her professional and personal experiences to develop lesson plans and activities that are both educational and fun!”

Everette also noted that Liz is exceptional at fostering relationships with the children and aiding them in building self-confidence.

“We are very fortunate that she is a part of the NVFS community,” she notes.

Liz Fenning works for the U.S. Department of Education while also pursuing her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. In her free time, she enjoys lazy days, spending time with her son, and catching up with friends while listening to ’80s music.

Thank you, Liz, for all you do for the NVFS community and for the children at Hilda Barg Homeless Prevention Center!