Homeless Shelter

Apprehensive and unfamiliar with homelessness, Shawn found his way to Bailey’s Crossroads Community Shelter (BCCS) in search of assistance and was immediately welcomed with open arms and plentiful resources.

Shawn stated, “During my first day in the shelter, I was not familiar with the process, as I had never been homeless before. Upon intake, the staff helped ease my transition and make me feel welcome in the program.”

Ensuring that each person who walks through the door at Bailey’s receives a warm welcome is a top priority for the staff at BCCS.

“The goal for the new guest is to get them stabilized and provide emergency services like shelter, food and water,” says BCCS Shelter Director Jimmy Rogers.

When it comes to everyday comforts of home, there are a lot of people in Northern Virginia who go without. Bailey’s Crossroads Community Shelter works with every guest to ensure their stay at the shelter is comfortable, accessible, and feels like home.

BCCS staff provides its guests with Move-In Kits that are supplied by donations from the Northern Virginia community, containing household items such as toiletries, books, clothing items and more.

“We hope to treat every individual with respect and dignity, so each guest feels supported to the fullest extent,” concluded Rogers.

BCCS staff works together to support guests in finding housing, employment, and emphasizing self-sufficiency within their guests, and it starts on day one.