BCCS Shelter Guest Expresses Gratitude and Appreciation

Homeless Shelter

Owing to the exceptional client services I received since becoming a resident at Bailey’s Crossroads Community Shelter (BCCS), I am compelled to respond with a letter of gratitude and appreciation. Ms. Alicia Pardo became my case manager upon my arrival at the shelter, and she was tasked with, among other things, helping me begin my process of obtaining health services and housing.

I began my time in the BCCS program not only as a person without a home, but also as someone experiencing multiple health challenges and emotional fragility from stress. Right out of the gate, it was extremely clear that I be paired with a case manager that was empathetic and experienced, and was also passionate about uplifting those who are homeless by implementing multiple-pronged processes toward that goal. As it worked out, Ms. Pardo was up for the challenge, thank God.

After our initial interview, where we discussed my unique circumstances and most pressing needs, Ms. Pardo set about making things happen and helping me decrease my levels of stress.

By the end of my first five days, Ms. Pardo had brought me water, Ensure and sorely-needed shoes. She provided me with transportation and information on the best ways to look for housing. Ms. Pardo has been incredible in her endeavor to make sure that I understand that there are individuals in this world that do truly care about those less fortunate than themselves. Additionally, whenever possible, Ms. Pardo would make a point to come into the dorm to do a wellness check, as she is aware of the many health issues I must deal with on a daily basis.

I cannot overstate the importance of the physical and emotional service support provided by Ms. Pardo. It is my hope and prayer that BCCS continues to employ and match each client to someone as compassionate and committed to bettering the lives of the homeless population of Northern Virginia.