U.S. Marine Corp

Homeless Shelter

Thank you to the U.S. Marine Corp crew from the Marine Corps University – Staff Noncommissioned Officer Academy for cooking breakfast for Hilda Barg shelter guests! The breakfast burritos the USMC volunteers prepared were definitely a hit! The USMC group returned to the Hilda Barg shelter to revamp a cluttered closet. The closet is much more organized now, allowing the shelter to continue to accept and store generous donations from the community.

Marines at Hilda Barg Shelter

Gunnery Sergeant Brice Snyder said, “As a Marine, serving my country is a primary goal and I try to take the opportunity to give back whenever possible. Although I cannot speak directly for the Marines that also volunteered with me, I know they were, as was I, grateful and honored to have the chance to volunteer.”

Marines Organize Hilda Barg Shelter Storage