The Benefits of Volunteering

Have you considered becoming a volunteer in your Northern Virginia community? Or you may have noticed that volunteering adds a smile to your day.  

The benefits of volunteering go beyond just the smiles—although those are important. Volunteering is an enriching experience that offers numerous personal and professional benefits. Many people take part in volunteer work to give back to their community. Still, it also provides an excellent opportunity to develop skills and knowledge, meet new people, and gain a sense of purpose and accomplishment. 

In this post, we will explore the advantages and the benefits of volunteering.  

The Health Benefits of Volunteering 

Did you know that you can improve your health through volunteerism? It’s true.  

Volunteering itself can be an act of self-care.”  – National Alliance of Mental Illness.


Improving one’s health through volunteerism is an often-overlooked benefit of volunteering. Improving mental health is a cornerstone benefit, but volunteering also improves physical health. Here are five ways that you can improve your overall health through volunteering:

  1. Lowers rates of depression and anxiety
  2. Depending on the volunteer assignment, it may provide a boost in physical activity.
  3. Reduces stress levels.
  4. Provides a greater sense of well-being. 
  5. Reduces the feeling of social isolation.

Volunteering improves your overall health and may also expand your network and resume.  

Expand Your Network & Your Resume

There is no doubt that the benefit of volunteering also includes networking. Many may decide to volunteer on this point alone—but we can almost guarantee that you will soon experience many other benefits too.  

Volunteering can help you to meet like-minded people and expand your professional and personal network. If you volunteer for a cause that relates to your field of work, you will have the opportunity to meet people in your industry and expand your relationships. Volunteering can be a great way to find potential mentors, learn about new job openings, and gain advice and tips from those who have already achieved success in your field. If you thrive by connecting with others, volunteering can be a great way to make new social connections with other volunteers. 

“Volunteering is associated with a 27% higher odds of employment.”  –


Volunteering builds a sense of social connectedness and contributes to strong personal growth. You will find that personal growth always positively impacts future employment opportunities. We also must recognize that an additional benefit of volunteering is that it provides a base to improve communication and negotiation skills.


Your Skills are Valuable to NVFS. 

Now, back to the smiles. You already have skills that are valuable to Northern Virginia Family Service. Both your everyday life and your business life provide practical skills that can help our community. And provide smiles. 

Perhaps you are a great organizer, an artist or crafter, a teacher, a project manager, or you love to thrift shop and display retail goods. NVFS is always looking for a wide range of talent and skills to benefit our Northern Virginia services.  

Or volunteering can also be informal. Each time you help a neighbor, run an errand for those in need, shovel snow from a driveway, or help others with tasks, you make a difference. 

One of the most rewarding elements of volunteering is making a difference in your community. By contributing your time and energy to a project, you can help to improve people’s lives, create positive change, and benefit the environment. It can be incredibly fulfilling to witness first-hand the impact of your efforts.

The Benefit of Volunteering at NVFS

Volunteering is a gratifying experience that offers many personal and professional benefits. Whether you are looking to develop new skills, expand your network, make a difference, or enhance your resume, volunteering can be a great way to do all these things.

Volunteerism helps Northern Virginia Family Service expand services within the community. Your time, skills, and smiles all work to expand our services. You are also playing a part in strengthening our community.  

To get involved with NVFS, check out the volunteer opportunities on our website!