Anti-Racism Resources

**This page will be updated from time to time with new resources. Please bookmark this page and check back.**

Many anti-racist resources are widely available. Below is a sampling that we have come across, used, and shared within our own networks. It is divided into three sections: listen, learn, and act. The first section, Listen, names a handful of influential leaders and organizations. Part of being an ally is listening to the voices that are being marginalized and lifting up their messages. The second section, Learn, lists various resources and curricula that you can engage with to deepen your understanding and become a better ally. The third section, Act, is about taking action. There are many ways to do that and listed below is only a handful of ways to support.

Here is a Table of Contents if you need to quickly find something.

  1. Listen
  2. Learn
    1. Coursework for Allies
    2. Videos to Watch, Share and Discuss
    3. Resources for Your Company
    4. Resources for Parents and Caregivers
    5. Recommended Books for Adults to Share and Discuss
    6. Recommended Podcasts, Movies, and Shows
  3. Act


People and Organizations to Listen to, Learn From, and Amplify their Message

People and Organizations to Learn From

Coursework for Allies
Videos to Watch, Share and Discuss
Resources for Your Company
Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Ways to Take Action

  1. Write letters to your elected officials and sign petitions demanding action and change. This link includes email templates and active campaigns.
  2. Support black-owned restaurants. This list, compiled by Anela Malik of Feed the Malik, lists black-owned restaurants that are currently open across Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.
  3. Support black-owned businesses. Scroll through Support Black Owned, a listing of thousands of black-owned businesses across the country in hundreds of different industries.