Flexing Imaginations and Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility with CapTech

CapTech discusses why it partners with NVFS and the importance of giving back to the community through volunteering

CapTech volunteers at NVFS Head StartCapTech employees not only have a passion for technology, but they have a heart for service as well.

“Our core value of servant leadership translates to empowering others by putting their needs first,” CapTech Senior Consultant Andreea Linte says. “This permeates our organization and the way we impact each other, our clients and our community.”

After discovering Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS), CapTech knew it had found a volunteer community that aligned with its values and purpose.

“It’s amazing to see and hear about the tremendous impact NVFS has on our community,” Linte states. “CapTech was drawn to working with NVFS because our values align with NVFS’ mission.”

Combining the power of flexing both muscle and imaginations, CapTech brought its annual Field Day festivities to our littlest clients at Head Start Arlington for the third consecutive year. Employees led students through a day filled with games, playtime and dress-up.

“Their energy, joy, laughter and smiles makes it such a fun event, and we feel our volunteers benefit just as much as the kids,” Linte shared.

Employees at CapTech understand the importance of giving back to their communities and are committed to ensuring their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts are top-notch.

“From the start, CapTech has invested in programs and organizations that make a difference in the communities we serve. Working with NVFS allows CapTech to support our community by engaging with young children to promote growth and learning.” — CapTech Senior Consultant Andreea Linte

“We have a commitment to CSR and leveraging the creative and technical talent of our employees to make a positive change for our partners,” says Linte. “Being able to leverage the unique skills and expertise of our consultants to help NVFS improve its business systems has been fulfilling for every CapTecher involved.”

We are thankful for CapTech’s involvement with NVFS over the years, as well as its dedication to uplifting our community. The company’s hands-on approach and shared values not only keep our clients engaged, but keep our community engaged as well.

“Our partnership with NVFS has been extremely rewarding for all of our volunteers. In every event we have sponsored and participated in, we feel as though we can see the direct impact of our efforts,” concluded Linte.

Thank you, CapTech!

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