Becoming Better Employers Through Corporate Social Responsibility

Build a stronger community — and a more engaged workplace — by engaging in corporate volunteer activities.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

Corporate social responsibility - Custom Ink at NVFS Hunger Resource CenterOpportunities to get involved in your community are endless and now, more than ever, employers and their employees are taking an interest in giving back to the community within the workplace. As corporate social responsibility (CSR) makes its way to the forefront of employee’s minds, it’s no wonder many organizations are hopping aboard the CSR wagon and adopting a more balanced lifestyle to their benefits package.

CSR has become an effective tool for not only making waves within the community, but also by increasing employment engagement, productivity and workplace wellness. And it’s something you can start today.

Did you know that by 2025, millennials will comprise 75 percent of the global workforce – and 62 percent of those millennials are willing to take a pay cut to work for a responsible and responsive company?

“Millennials are looking at personal fulfillment and connection at work,” Jennifer Aument, Group General Manager North America of Transurban, shared with attendees at this past year’s CARE Awards Breakfast panel. “We’re trying to make sure the young people in our organization are finding a purpose.”

Millennials aren’t the only employers seeking to find fulfillment or benefiting from an increase in workplace flexibility and CSR. A large part of this initiative is to ensure all employees feel supported in their various roles, as well as ensuring their time can be used for social good outside of the workplace as well as within.

“Community service is an impactful change in the workforce,” says Senior Partner & CEO of Merritt Group Alisa Valudes Whyte, noted at the CARE Awards panel. “Employees want to be involved in the broader community.”

Corporate social responsibility finds a balance between doing something good for society while also benefiting the company. When your employees have ownership over their volunteer efforts and perspectives on social issues within the workplace, their dedication to the company increases, thus creating a stronger connection between employee and organization.

CSR doesn’t necessarily have to involve corporate volunteering engagements. Hosting in-house competitions among employees to benefit local philanthropies, providing employees with a volunteer day to use as they choose to support a local organization, or providing a matching donation to encourage charitable giving are just a few ways companies can help their employees give back and feel connected to their community.

For the tech-savvy employees, finding ways to engage with the community through social media are incredibly effective ways for implementing CSR, as seen in both the Millennial and Gen Z generations.

Eighty-one percent of Gen Z believe they can have an impact on social and environmental issues by utilizing social media, and they’re right.

Being constantly connected to technology can have its disadvantages, but being connected to what’s going on in the world around you at all times proves to keep our younger generations, and future leaders of change, aware.

Not only can CSR better engage your workforce, but it can help with retention as well. As a matter of fact, 88 percent of millennials, compared to 70 percent of the general population, say their loyalties to a company that assists them in contributing to social and environmental issues increases.

When employees feel connected to their community through CSR, their work productivity increases by 13 percent. There’s also a 50 percent reduction in employee turnover when engaged in CSR programs.

The studies clearly showcase that the majority of our workforce wants to feel connected to their communities and contributing to positive change, allowing them to find fulfillment in both work and their personal lives.

NVFS actively collaborates with our corporate partners to encourage volunteer engagement through our various programs, as well as our annual Companies As Responsive Employers (CARE) Awards process.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Northern Virginia

In an effort to encourage CSR throughout our community, we’re kicking off the 2018 CARE Awards process with our first-ever Virtual Week of Service (April 15 – 22: National Volunteer Week). Companies across Northern Virginia can engage in a volunteer opportunity of their choice, or set up a community service event through NVFS, to participate and help build a stronger community.

A little goes a long way when it comes to workplace wellness. When you make your employees’ wellbeing your priority, not only will your company be better for it, but our community will be too.

For more information on Virtual Week of Service and to become involved, please see our website.


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