Strong Families Are the Center of Strong Communities

Oakton, Va., Oct. 19, 2006— During National Family Week, held this year from Nov. 19 to 25, Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS) is bringing about awareness of the principle that families are the foundation of a strong society. NVFS also shares ways for families to celebrate their connections to family and community.

“Ordinary families are extraordinarily important to our communities and our country. When America’s diverse families and children are healthy, our community prospers. But families are only able to be healthy when they live in communities that connect them to economic opportunities, social networks and critical services. We hope everyone will take time during National Family Week to honor the connections that support and strengthen families year-round,” said NVFS President and CEO Mary Agee.

NVFS invites everyone to celebrate the connections they have with their families and communities, which include access to reliable transportation, employment opportunities, education, child care, housing, health care, and support from community networks and institutions. Ways to celebrate these connections could include selecting an issue to improve the community and working with local officials to effect change; meeting and getting to know neighbors; or volunteering with a nonprofit organization on projects that benefit the community.

During National Family Week, NVFS also encourages people to become involved in helping the agency in its work to strengthen families right here in Northern Virginia. Learn more about the agency and how you can help through volunteering your time, talents or resources at

To mark National Family Week, NVFS is holding a contest that will honor an NVFS client family that has made enormous strides in achieving their goals and becoming self-sufficient. More information will be announced during National Family Week.