Training Futures Trainees Hone Skills with Corporate Internships

How interning with Women Giving Back and NVFS’ SERVE Campus prepared two Training Futures graduates with skills needed to thrive in the workforce

NVFS’ Training Futures program provides individuals looking to secure professional careers with the tools and resources they need to thrive in the workforce.

Before completing a 25-week training program, trainees complete internships with organizations to continue to hone their skills, build confidence and boost their resumes before they enter corporate jobs.

Most Training Futures trainees are new to the United States and looking to gain employment, but struggle because of lack of training or a lack of transferable certifications from their home country.

Neelab Haidari, Training Futures graduate

“Before Training Futures, I didn’t know much about what employers expected or about the job culture in the U.S.,” shared recent Training Futures graduate Neelab. “It’s different from my home country, and not knowing the language made my confidence low.”

Neelab discovered Training Futures through a friend, who is a former trainee, and did not hesitate to sign up after learning about how her life would change from the program. Not only did Neelab thrive within Training Futures, but she excelled during her time interning with local nonprofit Women Giving Back (WGB), as well.

“I was excited because WGB is a nonprofit organization that helps women and children with crisis,” shared Neelab. “That feeling that I am working and helping others makes me excited because we’re helping the community.”

Neelab is eager to continue on her path to success, and after graduating from Training Futures, she’s excited to showcase her new skills.

“Knowing that others coming from different countries will face the same challenges I faced, I’d recommend Training Futures to gain confidence and learn basic administrative skills,” said Neelab. “The confidence I built after my internship was the biggest thing I learned. I can do everything I want, and I will find my dream job.”

Beatriz Silva, Training Futures graduate

Apart from obtaining new office skills and discovering confidence, program and internship experiences also offer opportunities to develop important soft skills, as seen in recent Training Futures graduate Beatriz.

“I interned at SERVE Family Shelter,” shared Beatriz. “I learned a lot about being compassionate, and I always delivered my job with a smile on my face.”

Beatriz, like Neelab, learned of Training Futures through a friend and is happy she decided to apply.

“I really love the work that everyone develops at Training Futures. It’s exactly what I was looking for,” said Beatriz. “I was able to learn new applications like Microsoft Office, along with multiple other skills like public speaking, working as a team, time management, organizational behavior and becoming confident with my interpersonal skills, too.”

Along with Neelab and Beatriz, 33 other recent graduates will be embarking on establishing their new careers in the workforce, and thanks to Training Futures, not only are they equipped with professional skills, but they’re equipped with confidence and compassion, too.

“I want to say thank you to everyone at NVFS for the professionalism and dedication showed through the six-month training program and also the desire to continue serving and helping us reach our goals after graduation. This is a very valuable experience that will last forever in my heart.” –Beatriz


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