Knight Point Systems Impacts Northern Virginia through CARE Week of Service

How Knight Point Systems contributes to our thriving community through corporate social responsibility and partnering with NVFS

Knight Point Systems is dedicated to ensuring its employees experience well-rounded and holistic lives both inside and outside of work. This mindset is just one of the numerous reasons why Knight Point Systems has been a winner of NVFS’ CARE Award for several consecutive years.

Not only does Knight Point Systems care about its employees, but it cares about the community we all share, as well.

“When the community is healthy, that means our employees are getting all the support, services and care they need outside of work,” shares Rich Cable of Knight Point Systems. “When employees are getting what they need outside of work, we like to think they will be more productive at work.”

When it comes to corporate social responsibility and work-life balance, Knight Point gets it.

Not only does Knight Point Systems have several CARE Awards under its belt, it has been longtime supporters of NVFS’ mission, including event-based fundraising efforts by CEO Bob Eisiminger, hosting in-kind drives to benefit NVFS’ clients and sponsoring NVFS events.

“Partnering with NVFS just makes sense,” says Cable. “We always try to support our employees both professionally and personally, but there may be some life challenges they don’t share with us. Working with NVFS gives Knight Point Systems another avenue to support our employees, friends, neighbors and the Northern Virginia community as a whole.”

Recently, Knight Point Systems registered to participate in NVFS’ CARE Week of Service to give back to our community and help build a stronger Northern Virginia community. Knight Point Systems collectively chose to support NVFS’ youngest clients at Head Start by providing them with diapers and healthy cereals to ensure they’re prepared to tackle critical milestones both comfortably and properly nourished.

Ensuring the youngest members of our community are healthy and equipped with the tools and resources needed to thrive ensures our community as a whole will continue to thrive in the generations to come.

“A thriving community is a high priority for Knight Point Systems, as it should be for any business. The community is the primary contributor to a business’ success,” Cable says. “If the community is helping Knight Point Systems grow and succeed, we should be returning the favor.”

We’re thankful for our ongoing partnership with Knight Point Systems, and look forward to the collective impact we are able to make on our community.

“Knowing that we are assisting an organization like NVFS gives Knight Point Systems and its employees a sense of community, pride and stewardship,” concludes Cable. “Everyone is willing to chip in because they know their efforts will get results right here in Northern Virginia.”

“Northern Virginia is one of the wealthiest areas in the country. That’s not true for everyone. Partnering with NVFS ensures that we do not lose sight of the fact there are families struggling here just like anywhere else.”


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